Arctic Quake™

Arctic Quake Non-Dairy ShakeIntroducing a New Category of Frozen Dessert Opportunities for Store Owners!


newArctic Quake™ is a premium non-dairy shake concentrate that will take the frustration, heavy time commitment, and sanitation worries out of the "selling dairy products" equation. One taste and you will agree!


Arctic Quake™ offers a non-dairy lactose free shake base that is also low calorie and 98% fat free. Arctic Quake™ provides a convenient "bag in the box" format that allows store owners ease and convenience that traditionally was not available with milkshake and smoothie freezers.


Just Add Customers

We understand that convenience is second to a great tasting product and that's why we think this is the perfect frozen beverage program for your operation. Your customers will experience great flavor, texture, and taste of a traditional "dairy product" with the convenience of a "non-dairy" program.

This revolutionary new "non dairy" shake base eliminates the need for daily equipment cleaning associated with traditional dairy products and dairy equipment. Arctic Quake Shake Base requires a two week cleaning interval of equipment. Eliminating loss of product and costly employee cleaning of equipment time.


Arctic Quake™ offers customers a delicious taste and the creamy smooth texture of a traditional milk shake.

  • 6-month self-stable concentrate offered in an easy to use
  • 3 gallon bag in the box (BIB)
  • Auto Fill Available - No messy pouring and mixing of product

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